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Include Your Applications On Whatsapp


MylinkWhatsAPI allows the programmer to perform a full action with any WhatsApp for their customers.

Integrations with:

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To send any message fast and easily, you just need to write down the above code for operation.


WhatsApp QR Code is your gateway to attach your application to your client's WhatsApp. You can incorporate your solution into two lines.


The process is rooted inside WINDEV from our Webservice’s import, for any environment and devices (Web, mobile or desktop)

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Building a customer contact list with photos in three lines of code has never been easier.

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One of the strengths of the API is its dialog list. Any examples sentences come with your signature in which the four lines will build the client's dialogue.

Please order now everything that was missing to offer resources you needed and apply them on whatsaap.



Can I do direct mail through the Chat API?

Yes, you can, but it’s not necessary, because the API has an auto-simulation system that automatically types your messages, besides other additional features, and you can also to enable or disable that command. However there is no guarantee that Whatsapp won't interpret it as SPAM. The chat API allows you to send over fourteen thousand messages a day, I.e 24 non stop that would be for an ordinary person an impossible number to be performed. if you do that once, you can be tracked or banned from Whatsapp. Warning: Please send messages only to recipients who are waiting for that, once if someone is not waiting these messages, they will click on the spam button on WhatsApp and your account will be blocked.

​ When I do an update on whatsapp, will the chat API be updated as well?

The API has a structure that provide us to move on, so that you can apply them safely. If whatsappWeb stop its services it could be the only way be unable to maintain API continuity, however, that possibility is impossible, since it would be a true inversion of values for whatsapp, because this service is the biggest means of earning money for their corporation.

Can I send images, audio and video files?

Yes you can ! By the way, you can attach your files and send in a single send to all your contacts, instead of handling them individually (one by one). You can also schedule these sending, but the files of audios ogg (Whatsapp audio standard) are not our responsibility to convert them.

Are the “sent” and “read” status displayed when sent via Chat API?

Yes, These statuses are shown both dialogue and whatsapp message history

Can I test the system with a free Token or password for a period?

No, for security reasons, you will not be able to use it for testing. You can fill out a form by scheduling a Demo, which we will do live with you in a demonstration similar to the video you can see on the YOUTUBE link at the top of the page, it is important to be aware that we do not serve customers who have not subscribed for at least 12 months, for technical support reasons.

Can I get a better price if I need more lines?

Yes, the greater number of lines, the smaller each line price will be, but that is only possible from 10 lines.

Does the API provide support if I build a chatbot or robot?

We have developed many API and ERP integrations for this purpose, however we would have to check your needs. After you subscribe, we will make a budget checking all your needs. Our project was born due to needing we had with our own products, you can check it out : www.mylinksoftware.com.br Note: There are other works created for our clients, whether from the API or not.

Can my whatsapp number be banned?

One of the MylinkWhatsAPI's mechanisms is a system that will simulate real nonrobotic use, so that banning possibility can be difficult to happen. It's important to be aware that mechanism won't suppress the chances of someone reporting your messages as spam, so we advise to send messages to recipients who will not report you. Note: You can also program an uninterrupted service, so whatsapp would understand that no one can send 24 hours of messages. We have the non-sending times option, to simulate that user is sleeping, which eliminates the unwanted banning chances.

Are all images, videos and audios available for consultation?

All files that are sent individually will be available, specially those ones that aren’t sent from albums or forwarded from other groups.

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The best MyLinkWhatsAPI features

  • It's the only that provides the user "typing" status so that Whatsapp lock tracking systems take note to the actual operator simulation.

  • The only one to provide the available contacts pictures on the customer's whatsapp to be answered in their execution.

  • The only to set messages with date and time

  • Non-robotic simulation system to prevent tracking undue usage by whatsapp.

  • Read the conversation history even before the whatsapp connection to your system.

  • AUDIO Message Transcription, free of charge per message, Totally free, the audio message, accompanies the text of the audio transcript, for processing on ROBOT systems


Any price renegotiation from 10 lines only.

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