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Include Your Applications On Whatsapp

MylinkWhatsAPI allows the programmer to perform a full action with any WhatsApp for their customers.

Integrations with:

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To send any message fast and easily, you just need to write down the above code for operation.


WhatsApp QR Code is your gateway to attach your application to your client's WhatsApp. You can incorporate your solution into two lines.


The process is rooted inside WINDEV from our Webservice’s import, for any environment and devices (Web, mobile or desktop)

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Building a customer contact list with photos in three lines of code has never been easier.

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One of the strengths of the API is its dialog list. Any examples sentences come with your signature in which the four lines will build the client's dialogue.

Please order now everything that was missing to offer resources you needed and apply them on whatsaap.



I am not sure I understand your offer. Can you help to solve my issues?

Yes, that is what I resolve. I break the patterns that show up in your issues by helping you see it, take ownership of it and process it and finally create a new vision for yourself where you are free of your recurring issues.

If I have multiple issues in my life, do you offer a holistic approach to help me solve all of my issues or are all of my issues solved separately?

Generally the problems are interrelated. I uplift the whole pattern so you can see it in money, job, love, family etc.

I would like to understand as well what is the process? After you have analysed my hands, what is the process you are using to solve the issues you discover?

We first have to identify the full set of stress symptoms and put it in a visual format that allows your brain to understand it, see it objectively and process it emotionally. That is called the Shift and it allows you to gently and compassionately uplift the core issues and fears. Then we place new pillars to support you instead of your old patterns.

So you make me conscious of my issues, and when it is made conscious it can be solved?

Not only conscious, but emotionally conscious too as you see how you have been doing things in the past with full clarity. It is the same technique used by soldiers returning from war with post traumatic stress disorders. It works well for them, but it can help shift minor problems as well.

What do I have to do to take this program? Can I do it online?

Everything will happen online face to face in Zoom. You send me photos of your hands and I send you your life pattern diagram. Then we get on a zoom call where we go through it together. I show you the shadow by shadow work and your whole path and how it looks when your pattern is transformed.

The best MyLinkWhatsAPI features

  • It's the only that provides the user "typing" status so that Whatsapp lock tracking systems take note to the actual operator simulation.

  • The only one to provide the available contacts pictures on the customer's whatsapp to be answered in their execution.

  • The only to set messages with date and time

  • Non-robotic simulation system to prevent tracking undue usage by whatsapp.

  • Read the conversation history even before the whatsapp connection to your system.

  • AUDIO Message Transcription, free of charge per message, Totally free, the audio message, accompanies the text of the audio transcript, for processing on ROBOT systems


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